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    Our Team will pack the unwanted contents of a site for removal. During this process our Team will sort items that can be donated, recycled or disposed.


    All unwanted items will be removed from the site. We will deliver donation items, recycle items and disposal items to the appropriate locations. Upon completion, the site will be clear of unwanted items.


    With the client’s approval, items such as furniture, appliances and general household goods in good condition will be donated to our ReSale stores. Funds raised from the resale of items will be used in our homeowner program.


    For an additional fee, clients can request to have the property broom swept and walls wiped down with a dust rag.

  • Client Testimonials

    “Habitat Clean Out and Removal made the process of clearing a home for an out of area customer of ours efficient and easy. They responded to our needs quickly and performed the work in a timely manner, alleviating the burden for our customer.”
    – Local Realtor

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